About our cheese.


It all started when...

Our Cheese was born centuries ago in the country side of Venezuela, to understand a bit of our ranges of cheeses, let us give you a quick fact about our origins...

Venezuela is the Latin American country and perhaps one of the largest in the world-with greater variety of fresh cheeses , to have at least 30 different types of these , 60 % of which are handmade . Connoisseurs on this matter , ensure that this is due to the diversity of places where cattle are raised in the country , which also would become of different races and pastures , allowing different types of milk , cheese base.

It was from Europe that the cattle came to the south american country, sheep and goats , which quickly acclimatized in the country , reaching in this land the creation of dairy manufacturing, one of whose most desired products since colonial times was the cheese.

Not surprisingly, cheese consumption records exist in Venezuela since the sixteenth century (about 1523 ). The most common at the time were the Queso Duro ( hard cheese ), handmade cheese and Semi hard cheese, that joined other varieties such as Llanero for grating.

From this nostalgia of fresh cheese, salty cheese and easy to eat cheese, we decided  to introduce our Venezuelan Artisan cheeses to the Irish community and Latin communities living in Ireland, we are the 4th generation producing this type of cheese and we are the First Venezuelan Cheese producer in Ireland, as well as the First Fresh Cheese Producer in Ireland and proud to be located in Galway. 

We are building up our brand and cheeses and we hope to conquer Irish hearts, if you would like to purchase our premium products for your business, we are happy to meet with you, just contact us and we will get back to you.

Remember, We only produce our cheeses with natural ingredients,  salt and pasteurised milk so all our products are suitable for vegetarians too.

We source everything locally so our Milk is from Galway, giving our cheese the perfect fresh flavours and an unique grassy taste on your palate making it perfect to grill, grate, bake, cook and eat it as a Tapas with fruit preserves, fruits, Quince and pairing it with a sweet Red Wine.