We Cater your Business Needs.

Our Products are versatile and widely used in different cuisines such as Mexican & taquerias Restaurants, Food trucks, Cafe's and Pizzerias.

Sabanero Cheese can be a clean, low acidity substitute for Feta or Halloumi Cheese but even better, Made in Galway with Grade A Milk grass fed. 

We can Produce a variety of Dairy products such as Hard & Semi-Hard cheese, Ricotta, Sour cream, and Fresh Milk. 


Semi Hard Cheese

This Award Winner Cheese is called Fresh Cheese or Queso Fresco in South America & Central America, in Canada is called Squinty Cheese, in Italy Formaggi Freschi, its also compared with Mozzarella Cheese but fresher. Also its a great substitute for Halloumi Cheese with lower acids  as our cheese is not brined, it's younger, only 2 days, so its Pure protein Curd but its also made with 100% Cow's Milk.  

Artisan Cheese Awards 2017: Bronze.


Hard Cheese

Our Salty and Hard cheese produced in only 5 days, its a young cheese full of flavours. 

Fresh with a natural rind & old fashioned ripening process, Hard and White, rich, dense but subtle, grassy and salty flavourful cheese, Made with Grade A Pasteurised Milk from Galway. 

Its the perfect replacement for Feta cheese as it is fresher and brined with no vinegar. You can grate it, use it in salads, to bake and in cheese boards.  


Fresh Milk & Sour Cream

We can also supply your Business with the tastiest Milk found in Galway. 

We also can cater your business with Sour Cream. 

All our Products are 100% Galway Made and Pasteurised, fully traceable and HSE approved by the Department of Agriculture under our Reg. IE2118EC

We Produce Artisan products as our ancestors did, for a healthy body free of Regrets.

Dayana Maltese.