What Kind of Milk do you use?

We use Pasteurised Milk produced in Ireland.


How long can i keep my cheese refrigerated?

All our products are produced in a clean and safe environment, so our cheeses will last packaged between 20-25 days if refrigerated between 2 - 5C even though we don't use preservatives.  After being opened, you need to keep it refrigerated and will last for more than 3 days no max of 7 days if fridge its in good working conditions. 


How can i eat your products?

Our cheeses and Suero are perfect for eating like tapas, in sandwiches, grated, topped and great for cooking meals and cakes. You can create diverse dishes with them. See our cooking section for recipes. 


What kind of Cheese its Venezuelan Cheese?

Venezuelan cheeses are famous for being Fresh & Hand made, all the cheeses are low in fat as well as it is produce like a cottage cheese will be produced, Our hard cheese its called Queso Duro or Queso Blanco and its famous for being intense in flavour, rich flavour of fresh milk, it's salty and healthy, we also use sea salt for better health promotion.

What is Suero?

Suero its a famous pouring Dairy product made only with pasteurised milk with an Artisan formula from the country side in Venezuela, Country man(Sabanero) eat it everyday with their meals, perfect for topping in spuds, meats, sausages and saucy dishes like curries, the hot suero its divine with meats and barbecues also.

Suero its a light buttermilk and sour cream version but a bit different in flavour and easy to eat.


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It will take between 3-5 Days to be delivered.