Gluten Free Arepas with Fresh Cheese & avocado.

Arepas are Gluten free, a dish made with corn flour, called Harina Pan found in different asian or afro-caribbean Shops across Ireland. Are famous for its nutritional values and their protein. 

Ingredients for arepas:
2 cups bread flour precooked (Harina Pan flour)
A tablespoon of oil to grease the pan

Preparation of arepas:
Put in a large bowl the flour, add water in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer and knead well. Let rest a bit and make little balls of the dough and start flattening them, crush with hands forming a cake of just over one centimeter thick and smooth the edges.

Grease a nonstick pan with little oil and put the arepas to cook well, golden on both sides until lightly toasted.

Filled it in with Fresh Cheese and avocados, put some Suero Protein for an ultimate gourmet flavour!